Fold A Road (FAR) System

Fold A Road (FAR) System

Temporary Ground Cover

Temporary Ground Cover

Fold A Road (FAR) and Ground Cover MOG Systems

Ready Mat products can also be made to commercial and industrial specifications for use as temporary roads, parking lots and flooring systems. These multi purpose fiberglass reinforced mats come in 80" x 80" and 30' x 54' (folded) standard sizes.

Non standard sizes can be made to order. Please call with details. These mats are for use on a surface rating of CBR 4 or higher. The necessary coupling hardware is provided with each mat.

AMS Temporary Road Mat System (TR)

The TR mat has been rated by the Army Corps of Engineers for a wheel load of up to 35,000 lbs thus being rugged and durable. Weighing only 120 pounds and measuring 80” x 80” the TR mat is easily transported and installed. The TR mat is ideal for the construction of temporary roads and driveways lay down yards, work platforms etc. Once in place the TR mat creates a safer and cleaner work environment, preventing the transfer of debris to roadways. The TR mat makes it possible to continue operations when in recent past such actions were not feasible due to poor soil conditions. The necessary coupling hardware is provided with each mat.

Applicable NSN: 5675-01-476-8989.


• For use on surfaces, grounds, subgrades and basecourses with a CBR4 or greater.

• Temperature tested to minus 60F.

• Lightweight-Easily handled by 2 men

• Textured surface, decreasing risk of slip- page.

• Environmentally friendly, impervious to contamination from oils and other pollutants.

• No expensive equipment required for installation and removal.

• Composite construction extending service life as much as ten times over lumber products.

• Keeps job sites accessible and cleaner while preventing needless and costly down time due to inclement weather conditions.

• Easily cleaned, no crack or voids to fill with mud and debris.

• Installs quickly, as much as 536 square feet per man-hour.

Temporary Road Mat System

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