Cloth, Tape, and Rope

AMS Glas Cloth

AMS Glas Cloth is a woven fabric manufactured from texturized fiberglass yarns. The fine filaments used to weave Glas Cloth give it a high degree of flexibility. Industrial grades of GCHT180 and GCAL180, made from G fiber are available (does not comply with Mil-C-20079 Type 1, Class 9 or 10 respectively).

AMS Glas Cloths have high heat resistance, excellent dimensional stability, high chemical resistance (except for hydrofluoric and phosphoric acids, and hydrogen chloride), high tensile strength, and excellent electrical properties.

AMS Glas Cloths are used for removable insulation blankets, pipe insulation lagging, hullboard facing, heat shields, spray shields, fire blankets, welding curtains and other applications where high temperature protection is required.

AMS Glas Cloths are available in many finishes and treatments including basic heat treating, water and oil resistance, red dyed, rewettable adhesive, resin treated, 1 mil aluminum foil (the temperature limit of the foil is 300oF) or with 304SS wire inserted into the yarn in both the warp and fill.

High Temperature Gas Cloth Chart

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