AMS Knitted Wire Mesh 

AMS Knitted Wire Mesh is a wire fabric that is primarily used as a covering material for removable insulation pads and blankets.

AMS Knitted Wire Mesh offers a highly durable, maximum strength, high temperature covering, while maintaining the flexibility of a cloth. This flexibility is derived from it's unique construction of interlocking wire loops which allows movement of the individual wires without distortion of the entire fabric.

AMS Knitted Wire Mesh is either applied to the inner (hot) side of the blanket or pad for protection from direct heat or applied to the outer (cold) side where it protects the jacketing material from abrasion or penetration from sharp objects.

AMS Knitted Wire Mesh is constructed from 100% metal wire. The alloys used are 304 or 430stainless steel (for temperatures to 1200 degrees f) or Inconel 600 (for temperatures to 2300 degrees f). Other alloys are available for special applications.

AMS Knitted Wire Mesh wire mesh is knitted from either .008" (use for maximum flexibility) or .011" (use for maximum durability) wire diameters.

When an air space is desired between the hot surface and the insulation, the mesh can be crimped with a 3/16" crimp or corrugation. The standard density for Mesh is 60 openings per square inch.

AMS Knitted Wire Mesh is made I/A/W Mil-Std 769J, para

AMS Knitted Wire Mesh is also available in knitted rope form, diameters from 1/8" to 2".

Knitted Wire Mesh Form

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