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AMS Needled Fiberglass MAT

AMS Needled mat is 100% fiberglass that is mechanically bonded to form a blanket insulation material that complies with Mil-I-16411 Type 2 and ASTM C-1086-96.

AMS Needled mat offers uniform thickness and density, high temperature performance up to 1200 degrees F, and contains no binders.

AMS Needled mat is non-combustible. Flame Spread = 0 Smoke Developed = 0

AMS Needled mat has excellent thermal K at elevated temperatures, is non toxic, and has exceptional sound absorption properties.

AMS Neddled mat is used in the construction of removable insulation pads, stress relieving blankets, and many other applications where high temperature protection and flexibility are required.

AMS Needled Mat Specifications

Specifications Requirements:

Mil-I-16411, USCG 164.009, USCG 164.109, ASTM C-1086 , ASTM C 1094. When required and specified by the customer Mil-I 24244, NRC 1.36 and ASTM C-795.


AMS Silica Mat is a nonwoven insulation material for use in critical high temperature thermal applications. Silica Mat will withstand temperatures of up to 2000oF (1090o C). The fibers are needled, mechanically bonded and contain no additional resins or adhesives. The structure of the material allows for conformability to irregular surfaces and fabricated to intricate configurations.


Silica Mat Image
  • 100% silica content

  • Temperatures to 2000oF (1090oC)

  • Non-respirable Stress relief blankets

  • Filament diameter - 9 microns

  • Low Thermal Conductivity

  • No-alkaline (<0.01%)

  • Low chlorides and fluorides

  • Meets NRC 1.36 section C

  • No shot content

  • Negligible moisture absorption

  • Excellent chemical resistance


  • High temperature thermal insulation

  • Engine exhaust systems

  • Turbine insulation blankets

  • Industrial furnaces


  • 600 oF (315oC) 0.66 BTUin/hr- ft2oF

  • 800oF (427oC) 1.00 BTUin/hr- ft2oF

  • 1000oF (538oC) 1.37 BTUin/hr- ft2oF

  • 1200oF (649oC) 1.87 BTUin/hr- ft2oF

  • 1400oF (760oC) 2.43 BTUin/hr- ft2oF

  • 1600oF (871oC) 3.19 BTUin/hr- ft2oF

  • 1800oF (982oC) 3.90BTUin/hr- ft2oF


Roll Properties Chart

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