Marine Insulation - Fiberglass

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AMS Flexible Marine IMO FOIL Faced Blanket

Flexible Marine IMO FF blanket is a thermal insulation with a 2 mil Foil Facing that provides an excellent vapor barrier. The base blanket and Foil Facing meet U.S. Coast Guard's IMO requirements. It is generally installed behind sheathing. Installation is with insulation pins and clips, and joints can be covered with a U.S.C.G. approved, self stick foil tape.




AMS Hullboard is thermal and acoustic insulation boards made from FIBERGLASS or MINERAL WOOL (4,5.5,6,7&8 PCF densities). These NON-COMBUSTIBLE hullboard products are offered with a variety of facings including standard fiberglass navy cloth (CF), reinforced mylar (WM), 2mil aluminum foil (AF) and perforated fiberglass cloth (WB).

AMS Hullboard products are designed for use in shipboard applications requiring thermal, acoustical or fire wall treatment such as bulkheads, overheads, stiffeners and beams.

AMS Hullboard products can be combined with various septa materials to provide Type III transmission loss treatments to shipboard areas requiring noise reduction or attenuation. For additional acoustic performance, the base board can be grooved or a waffleboard can be laminated to the base board. These products are faced with perforated fiberglass cloth.

AMS Hullboard products offer low installed cost, superior thermal and acoustic performance, excellent fire resistant properties and compliance to Military and USCG specifications when requested. Mineral Wool products can be ordered to comply with USCG-IMO requirements.

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Fiberglass Blanket


Incombustible Microlite insulation is specifically developed as a thermal and acoustical blanket for use in marine applications. Produced from fine glass fibers and bonded with a thermo- setting resin, it is lightweight, highly resilient and has nonsettling characteristics.


High Thermal Performance. The extremely low conductivity of Incombustible Microlite assures optimum operating efficiency of shipboard heating and air conditioning systems.

Fire Safety. Incombustible Microlite is Coast Guard/IMO Approved 164.109/38/0 as an incombustible material. It also meets the requirements of NFPA 90A and 90B Standards, and has an FHC flame spread of less than 25 and a smoke developed rating of less than 50 per ASTM E 84.

Noise Control. Incombustible Microlite has excellent sound absorption characteristics to reduce the level of unwanted noise.

Faster Installation. Incombustible Microlite is easily cut and installs with a minimum of effort.

Superior Performance. Properly installed Incombustible Microlite will remain unaffected by age and temperature change.

Government Certification

When ordering material to comply with any government, ASTM or listed specification, a statement of that fact must appear on the purchase order. Government regulations and other listed specifications require specific lot testing and prohibit certification of compliance after shipment has been made. There may be additional charges associated with specification compliance testing.

Thermal Conductivity “(k)”

Mean Temp. 75°F 24°C .29* .042**

Conductivity per ASTM C 518: *Btu•in/(hr•ft2•°F); **W/m•°C

Operating Temperature Limit: 400°F (204°C)

For more specifications download the PDF below.

Fiberglass Pipe Covering


Micro-Lok ber glass pipe insulation is made from glass bers bonded with a thermosetting resin and produced in 36” (0.92 m) lengths. Jacketed with a reinforced vapor retarder facing and a factory-applied, longitudinal acrylic adhesive closure system, Micro-Lok is designed for application temperatures from 0°F to 850°F (-18°C to 454°C). Section joints are sealed with butt strips which are supplied from the factory. Micro-Lok may be painted with a latex paint after installation.

The factory-installed tape system permits installation at ambient temperatures down to 20°F (-7°C), and will not soften or separate when exposed to high ambient temperatures and humidity.


Micro-Lok ber glass pipe insulation is suitable for installation over hot, cold, concealed and exposed piping systems with operating temperatures up to 850°F (454°C). Weather-protective jacketing is required for outdoor applications. Pipes operating below ambient temperatures require all joints to be sealed with the factory-applied, self-seal lap and butt strips.

Operating Temperature Limits: 0°F to 850°F (-18°C to 454°C)

For more specifications download the PDF below.