Marine Insulation - Flange, Safety, Spray Shields

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AMS Spray Shields

AMS Spray Shields, also called Flange or Safety Shields are designed and fabricated to be used in engineering spaces on naval and commercial vessels. Spray Shields are to be installed around flange connectors on mechanical piping systems that carry fluids under pressure. In the event of a failure of the flange gasket or flange itself, our shields will ask as a diffuser of the high pressure fluids that will escape from the system. AMS Spray Shields will prevent exposure of these liquids on personnel and equipment.

AMS Spray Shields are fabricated in accordance with ASTM F-1138 and NAVSEA Drawing #80064- 2145518 Revision G.

AMS Spray Shields are fabricated using multiple layers (folded or piled) of aluminized fiberglass cloth per Mil-C-20079 Type 1, Class 10, a silicone coated fiberglass cloth per NAVSEA Drawing 80064-2145518 and stitched together with a fully sintered fiberglass thread meeting Mil-C-20079 Type 3, class 3. Widths are 2” through 16” with roll lengths of 30’ (2”-8”) and 20’ (9”-16”). Other widths and lengths are available upon request.

Note: Revision G shields do not have the installation hardware (hooks, washers and tie wire) included. If hardware is required, please specify when placing your order. It can either be furnished separately or applied to the shield. All shields are packaged per ATM-D-3951 unless otherwise specified.

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