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AMS INSULFIRE products are structural fire wall insulation blankets or sheets that are made from AMORPHOUS WOOL (AW). These NON-COMBUSTIBLE structural passive fire wall products are offered with a variety of facings including standard fiberglass navy cloth (CF), reinforced mylar (WM), 2mil aluminum foil (AF) and perforated fiberglass cloth (WP).

AMS I NSULFIRE products are designed for use in shipboard applications requiring fire wall, thermal or acoustic treatment such as bulkheads, overheads, stiffeners and beams.

AMS INSULFIRE products can be combined with various septa materials to provide transmission loss treatments to shipboard areas requiring noise reduction or attenuation. For additional acoustic performance, a waffleboard perforated glass cloth composite can be laminated to the base material.

AMS INSULFIRE products offer low installed cost, superior fire, thermal and acoustic properties and compliance to USCG. R-Mat INSULFIRE AW products are approved for structural fire protection of IMO high speed craft and SOLAS commercial vessels.

Structoguard ( pictured above left) , a Thermal Ceramics material, is certified to Mil-PRF-32161 and is the USN's choice for passive fire wall insulation on the DDG program. Separate Thermal Ceramics data sheet download is attached.

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