Marine Insulation - Polyimide Foam

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AMS Polyimide Foam


AMS Industries offers a complete portfolio of thermal, acoustic and passive fire insulation materials for shipboard applications and uses. These products are thoroughly tested and certified to the IMO, USCG, ASTM, Commercial and Military specifications required by today's shipbuilders.

AMS polyimide foam is manufactured using state of the art blending and processing equipment that controls the cell structure in such a manner as to produce a flexible open cell polyimide foam that has consistent density, thermal conductivity and sound absorption properties, as well as the inherent fire resistant and low smoke characteristics of polyimide foams.

All AMS products are produced under a quality control system meeting Mil-I-45208A.
AMS polyimide products products are in full compliance to DOD-I-24688 Type 1 and 2, Classes 1 & 2; Mil- DTL-24688, Type 1 and Type 2, Classes 1-5; ASTM C1482; ASTM C1594 and PPD 802-6335737