Packing and Gaskets Materials - Braided Packings

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Blast Seal Products


AMS BLAST SEAL products are specifically designed as a gasket for missile blast doors and hatches on

board U.S. Navy ships. They can also be used for water tight and fume tight doors and hatches

AMS BLAST SEAL gaskets are a high strength and high heat resistant packing. Made from a 35 durometer high strength silicone core (per ASTM D-2000), BLAST SEAL is is reinforced with a double jacketing of stainless steel wire (per ASTM F-205) plied with a fiberglass yarn. The plied yarn passes the "skin back" or "unravel" test. Each jacket is then treated with a silicone coating to ensure high temperature resistance while maintaining maximum flexibility and minimum permeability.


Compliance to Mil-G-17927 Excellent Sealability
High Temperature Resistance Flame Resistant

Both Flexible and Resilient Non Asbestos
Federal Stock Numbers Issued

Available Sizes

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Technical Data