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We will give our customers exactly what they want, when they want it and in a fair and competitive manner.

We will say what we do and do what we say and never give our customers a reason to look elsewhere for material or service.
— AMS Industries

Welcome to AMS Industries, LLC.

Staffed with over 40 years of experience, AMS is well suited to assist you in identifying and providing the correct materials to meet your requirements. Shipbuilding design and the procurement of the specified materials is an ongoing and ever changing environment. AMS stays current on all the latest technical specifications, material advancements and methodology related to shipboard insulation and its installation.

AMS materials can comply with Military, DOD, USCG, IMO, SOLAS, ASTM and FTP specifications and codes when our customers require it. Specifications are always being revised. Not only does AMS staff stay up to date with the most current revisions, but because of our vast experience, we also can help with the superseded specifications, drawings and technical documents.

AMS Industries, LLC is a global supplier to shipbuilders, joiners, government procurement agencies, construction, engineering and project management companies. AMS is a leading defense contractor supplying numerous materials in support of the Defense Logistics Agency's Team DLA procurement and support programs. AMS is a qualified supplier to the nuclear Navy's Special Emphasis Ops providing materials tested and conforming to Mil-DTL-24244. AMS also supplies materials conforming to Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) 1.36 for the nuclear power generation industry.

AMS manufactures, fabricates or distributes the following materials:

- Thermal, acoustic and passive fire insulation materials along with all of the respective installation support products

- High temperature textiles, tapes and welding fabrics

- High strength folding fiberglass mat (FFM and FRP) for airfield rapid runway repair (RRR) systems designed as foreign object debris    (FOD) cover.

- Packing and Gasket materials

The foundation and core of AMS is based on a process-based system that prioritizes health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) issues. This management system establishes and underpins our ability to deliver materials and services on a consistently high level.

AMS Quality

All of our materials, when required by our customers, comply with the Federal, Military, ASTM, United States Coast Guard, International Maritime Organization and Nuclear Regulatory Commission specifications. Our quality system is currently certified to Mil-I-45208 and we are also ISO-9001 compliant.

At AMS we do not label ourselves experts, authorities or specialists. We just know what our customers want...the right material, delivered on time, with good quality and workmanship at a competitive price. We do not try to be all things to all companies. We recognize our core strengths and they are the boundaries we stay within.



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